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Their voices, wailing and crying, that “they don’t want to die,” come out of the walls and from the hallways. He’s only hallucinating – hospital psychosis – but he can’t shut them out.

The more times he’s been anesthetized for his surgeries the more he’s convinced that he has an idea of what death might be like.

“I agree. A total loss of consciousness simulates death.”

It’s a final “light’s off.” If death were like what a lot of people believe, that some form of their consciousness lives on forever, he’d be damned afraid of dying.

After he’s killed a consciousness, he brings it back to life.

“I don’t deny that you can find some, but other important clues are buried under protective layers, shadows, built up by your conscious and subconscious mind.”

“My father said you weren’t a man if you didn’t know how to use a gun.”

Lester leans back into his chair and looks at Blaise as if he were a precious object that he was thinking about purchasing, being careful not to be cheated, fall into a trap.

“When you awake, your consciousness is recreated, reborn from nothing. You won’t be the same; your old consciousness is ‘dead.’’’

His secret is a ‘Minotaur hidden deep in a labyrinth.’ This archetypical symbol is an excellent shorthand for a complex psychological phenomenon.

“That’s exactly the point, isn’t it? Negative going into death; positive coming out.”