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I really enjoyed "Undercovers" - it's more than the usual coming out story. It's set in a strange tropical country, in the middle of a CIA spy operation and deals with hostility to gay men and inter-racial relationships. At the same time the main character is resolving whether he is bisexual. The characters arenít the usual urban sophisticate types, but are masculine sexy men who are in love. The story leads to a strange experience at what turns out to be Jonestown and also to a mystical vision of a sexual union between two of the main characters. It's about the growth of a man's confidence in his sexuality and the depth with which he can connect to other men. The well developed characters and complex story drew me in and held my attention throughout. Good book!

Professor Eric Patterson, Department of English/American Studies/LGBTQ Studies. Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Confessions of a Tortured Soul

'Undercovers: a Heaven of Hell' is a fascinating confession of a young man discovering his true sexual identity. I found this slice of life story a riveting journey into the inner conflicts of becoming a man. The id, ego and superego are given actual voices that our hero dialogues with. Conflicted, tortured by guilt and shame, the young TR hides his sexual secrets and maneuvers his way through his idealism, the macho military culture of the Third World, and multiple relationships eventually leading to his self-redemption. I found the story complex, painful, naive, hopeful and illuminating. I highly recommend it!

Dotdino, San Francisco, CA

Man Seeking Integration

UNDERCOVERS is a narrative about a gay man's journey to find himself. Coming to terms with one's sexuality is a significant step on the path to wholeness. This engaging, well-written tale reveals the necessity of grappling with the disowned aspects of ourselves, integrating them and realizing our individualized Self. This task is not for the faint of heart. Mr. Hanes' adventure story is an inspiration to those in various cultures throughout the world who might also identify with the need to accept themselves. In this way we symbolically and yet literally create acceptance for a more diverse world.

Sandra Beyerle, PhD

I have to say that I really enjoyed this well drawn tale. I almost said, "Adventure Tale." It is that, of course, but it is so much more. I found the "coming-out story" sub-theme as engaging and suspenseful as the novel's almost cinematic jungle adventure context. Like the classic "Green Mansions," this tale is set in the mysterious (at times, threatening; at times harboring) forests of South America. Classic spy thriller elements also present themselves in this narrative of a man's coming to terms with his complex sexuality. The author manages both photo-realistic descriptions of the Guyana jungle terrain... and highly erotic accounts of man-to-man sexual encounters. Clearly, Mr. Hanes knows what he's talking about... and has a great time taking the reader along for the ride. Both food for thought and good fun.

Philip Krieger, Philadelphia, PA

I literally just now finished your book and wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I was surprised to find how closely the personal journey you outlined parallels my own current metaphysical enlightenment and how this touched me deeply. As a spiritual person and as a gay man. Thank you. I'll be sure to send along more thoughts as I absorb the text, but my immediate response is smilin' and cryin' at the same time.

Sam Queen, St. John, USVI